What is the course like, what shoes should I wear and is it beginner-friendly?


The first half of the course is mainly on trail; the second half is a mixture of pavement and promenade.  Although the trail section may be wet or muddy, it is not extreme, therefore road shoes are recommended for comfort.  The overall elevation is 214m over the 50kms, therefore pretty much flat.  Very beginner-friendly but also a good challenge for those wanting a good quick 50km race.  The course will be fully signed and for those also using GPS, the PROVISIONAL route is on the Race Information page to download - the FINAL route will be sent to all runners before race day 

It's a point-to-point race so how do I manage that?


1) If you have the supporters/means to get back to the start after the race, you can go straight to the start, park, register and run

2) If there are a few of you you can park one car at the finish and share cars to go to the start

3) Pre-book a seat on the bus, park at the finish and catch the bus transport from the finish to the start BEFORE the race.  You travel with the bus to the start, register and run - your car will be there waiting for you at the finish. We provide this service free of charge and you can book the bus transport at the registration process or via the 'edit entry' link in your confirmation email up until three weeks before race day.  You will receive full details on how/where/when to catch the bus well before race day.  More details can be found in the Race Information Sheet on the Race Information page

When and where do I register & pick up my race pack?


You can register and pick up your race pack EITHER in Christchurch (close to the finish area) on Friday 27th March between 6-7:30pm OR at the start in Ringwood on Saturday morning between 06:30-07:45.  We recommend you register Friday evening wherever possible, especially if you have questions!  More details can be found in the Race Information Sheet on the Race Information page

What is the Cut-Off time for the race?


The overall cut-off time is 10hrs and 20mins - this allows for most people to have the opportunity to enter.  There are check-points/feed stations every 10km (approximately!) and you need to be within the rolling cut-off time at each checkpoint. Specific cut-off times can be found in the Race Information Sheet on the Race Information page

How many feed stations are there and what will we get?


There are four feed-stations (checkpoints) at approximately every 10km.  These will be stocked with a variety of sweet and savoury easy to eat foods.  There will also be water and flat coke.  If you have any dietary requirements of your own, you have the option to drop your own bag of goodies at registration on Saturday morning (before 7:30am) to be taken out to the feed stations.  Lots of information on feed stations in the Race Information Sheet on the Race Information page

Is there medical support?


There will be dedicated medical support throughout the race.  Contact numbers and full details of what to do in an emergency will be given to you in the pre-race information packs and again at race registration. The phone numbers will be on your race numbers too

I can no longer participate in the race - what can I do?


Your entry fee is invested into the organisation of the race and we cannot refund or defer entries.  We can however allow a transfer to another runner so long as it is done at least three weeks before race day.  Use the 'edit entry' link in your confirmation email to substitute another runner in your place.  If you need us to resend your confirmation email, please let us know: info@ultravioletrun.co.uk 



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